Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a .

Skills I Have Or Really Want

interactivity on the web; and event-based, multiparadigm, weakly typed language that is growing, throught server and into robotics, ML, electronics and more.


The styling on the web. Specificity is the key and CSS3 has some really cool tricks.


Server-side programming language that powers much of the web, including the WordPress API.


Semantic improvements and API additions make this version of the structure of the web a bit of a game changer.


Web framework for quickly ‘bootstrapping’ web designs and common Javascript modules. Great for quick POC and used as a Grid system with other cool features for larger projects.


Component-based, multi paradigm JS UI Library. Brings Functional, Object Oriented and Reactive programming styles together on the front end of the web and saved us all with its super quick reconciliation of the Virtual DOM.


It eats state and pure functions and returns you a highly extensible, cacheable, shareable, eventable Global Data Object management system.


Redux Middleware that uses Generator Functions* to apply saga error tracking to the asynchronous state flow hosted by Redux.


Functional Programming

Object Oriented Programming

My first ever used Adobe suite product.  Great for everything from processing photo shoots and such, to designing digital UIs, to creating abstract/realist compositions with its awesome image and effect layering system.


Design Thinking

Systems Thinking

Content Strategy

Graphic Design




Javascript runtime for the server that runs on V8 engine. Can basically be put anywhere and is giving the JVM a run for its money in user share.


Web Framework for NodeJS that helps with setting up a server with routing and interfacing with middlewares that help with logging, authentication, authorization, sessions, sockets, etc.


asynchronous Javascript and XML…the origin of the concept of a single page app (SPA), and the empowering feature of the in memory, js framework revolution. Ive been using Axios alot, though Ive lately switched to using Fetch API in most places.


my favorite preprocessor…basically its CSS with Javascript mixed for some really convenient crafting of styles and great bumper-lane features for CSS specificity concerns.


EcmaScript– the standard that Javascript is based on — version 6, 7, and 8 add features that make JS so much more fun to work with and really raises the quality of the language.


my favorite package manager, having tried gulp and grunt. like babel, its mostly taken care of by create-react-app.


version control thats great for collaboration when used with github or bitbucket. pretty easy once you ‘got’ it.


js transpilation for ES6 and beyond and JSX. I have experience creating from scratch, but create-react-app usually takes care of it for me.


starting from bones or underscores, go from PSD to WordPress using custom post types, ACF, custom plugins and alot of what else comes with customizing WordPress

WordPress Theme




Creative Writing

Film Making

Digital Image Production and Processing