Designing Intuitive Interfaces using Hick’s Law

One of the keys to good user interface design is providing an unambiguous path to the user for achieving their goals.

The formula for Hick’s Law is defined as follows:
RT = a + b log2 (n)
Where “RT” is the reaction time, “(n)” is the number of stimuli present, and “a” and “b” are arbitrary measurable constants that depend on the task that is to be carried out and the conditions under which it will be carried out. “A” could be finding the right present online for your mother-in-law; “B” could be an onscreen chat with your mother-in-law in which she reminds you it’s her birthday tomorrow.

While planning through content strategy and creative collaborations with stakeholders, attempt to simplify the interface to only the top level categorical ‘in’ points to your product/idea. Aim to create a systematic flow that benefits task completion.

Storybook is an interesting library in the ReactJS ecosystem that assists you in documenting your components. It’s the kind of tool that you can develop an affordance factory with. You can even create a sort of gestalt balance between the live element and the source code.

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